Roman Reigns Says He’s Getting New Theme Music Soon, Says He Still Talks With Jon Moxley

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Roman Reigns spoke about not liking the theme song that The Shield had and revealed WWE is working on a new song for him. Here are highlights:

On a possible match with The Rock: “We’re cut from a very similar cloth when it comes to progression and getting better. He’d have very similar answers as far as what his grind is and sticking to the drill of what he does. I’m sure you can go on social media and he’s in the gym right now. That’s just a reflection of our bloodline and our family ties and what was instilled into us to handle this type of responsibility of representing our family. I’d like to think that I’m continually getting better and it’s proven with him. It’s totally different because he’s out of the ring and that does take an effect when you’re not in that ring often. It’s not quite like riding a bike. You don’t just start pedaling again. But he keeps himself in great shape. I think if anybody can handle it, as we’re getting a little bit older, he’s definitely the guy because he takes care of himself and his nutrition and his training and just how active he is, too. I know for myself, at least within the ring and in sports entertainment, every single week I feel like I’m getting better. I think that matchup benefits from a little more experience and a little more time.”

On how he thinks he’s performing at his best right now: “As long as I’m fully focused and I’m all in and I’m connected to what I’m doing and I’m in the skin of this Head of the Table character, I feel like nobody can touch me. That’s how laser-focused I am when I step into my element on Fridays or Sundays, what have you. For years now, I’ve always been this way. You don’t turn this job off, but I’m finally getting to the point where all the sweat and tears are adding up and it’s kind of coming to fruition right now. It’s happening and it’s natural and it’s organic. That’s the island of relevancy. It doesn’t matter who. Give me another half of a tag team. Put Apollo Crews in the ring with me. It doesn’t matter who it is at this point. I will make them special because that’s how committed and how much belief I have in what I’m doing right now.”

On his mindset going into his heel turn: “I just want to do something a bit different. A lot of times with the position that I’m in, being a superman character as the guy who can’t be stopped and can’t be denied, he’s always having a great day. He’s in the best mood all the time and is this happy-go-lucky character. It’s a bit different in this day and age. It’s not like when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or even Dwayne [Johnson] were on top. The internet wasn’t such a large tool for communication. It was still finding its way. Now, it’s all day long. If I want to go get some negativity, it’s not a problem. There’s some positive stuff, too. All you have to do is log in and check out your Twitter feed or YouTube or Instagram. There’s a lot of toxic stuff out there. To me, that was the obvious way. That’s one thing I don’t want to do. You won’t ever hear me cut a promo and it’s like I just read Twitter and reading a bunch of their lines, you know what I mean? I wanted to be more creative than that.

I also wanted to add a level of realism and sort of a shoot, so to speak, to people who are hardcore fans or people who live and breathe off professional wrestling or sports-entertainment can really sink their teeth into it. To me, what better way than to show this top-of-the-mountain perspective in a different light? What would be a more unique way to blame the fans or to blame the circumstances, the lifestyle, the responsibilities, and the burden of being on top? I just thought that would be a far more original story thread to go off of,” he continued. “At the same time, there’s nobody in the crowd right now. I’m not going to yell at a bunch of video screens, which makes for some unique options when we get some fans back. That will be real nice, a live mic ad-libbing situation and to be able to go off on the fans once in a while and play with the house a little bit. That interaction has always created a fun environment.”

On his theme music: “We’re working on it. It’s not easy because I’m not going to… With this character, it has to be the right vibe. We can’t just hire a rapper and check out this guitar riff. It can’t be some rock music. The Shield music, I wasn’t even really into it back in the day; but over the years, it just started working. You get so used to it that I just time my pace to it. But yeah, it takes some time and it has to be right. In order to move away from something you’ve had for so long and is so recognizable like the music that I have now, it’s got to be perfect. It’s taking some time, but we’re definitely working on it, so please be patient.”

On if he still talks with Jon Moxley: “It’s pretty out there anyways that me and Mox were super-tight. We traveled together even when we split up. We were drinking buddies, the whole nine. I got a lot of cool moments with Mox. But actually I talk to Seth a little more than I talk to Mox right now. He’s off doing his thing. Probably when I found out he was having a baby was when I texted him, when I found out they were pregnant. He’s funny. He goes, ‘What the heck am I supposed to do?’ ‘It’s simple, man. You feed them, you change them, you love them. That’s it.’ He texts back, ‘You make it sound so simple.’ We’re all still good, dude. Seth had his time off and I think anyone in our line of work has that time off, you want to give them that time to completely indulge in the family. I’m happy for those guys. Hopefully Jon and Renee [Young] will pop that baby out quick, and we’ll have another Shield guy in there.”

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