Roman Reigns Believes It Makes Sense For Him To Face The Rock At WrestleMania 39 In Hollywood

While a match between Roman Reigns and The Rock is not likely for the upcoming WrestleMania 37 event, the current Universal Champion has not given up on the idea and he has a very interesting location in mind for this mega bout.

WWE recently confirmed the location and dates for the next few editions of the Show Of Shows with WrestleMania 39 being planned for Los Angeles.

During a recent interview with Ryan Satin of Fox Sports, Roman Reigns talked about a potential match with his cousin and said that it makes sense for them to face off when WrestleMania returns to Hollywood:

“We’ll go to Hollywood for WrestleMania 39, and I think it just makes sense, he’s the biggest box office attraction for the big screen.

So, to be able to take that and match it up with the biggest box office attraction in sports entertainment, I think some magic would be made.”

A match between Roman Reigns and The Rock has been in discussion for a few years now and the People’s Champion also showed interested in squaring off with the Big Dog last year.

Though due to the movie commitments of the Hollywood star, the match will require a lot of planning. So a destination such as WrestleMania 39 seems to be a much more likely scenario for the bout than a closer date.

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