Riddle Says Most WWE Legends Like Him, Talks Transition From UFC to Wrestling

Riddle may be known for getting under the skin of WWE veterans like Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, but he says most of the Legends are fans of his. Riddle spoke with ViBe & Wrestling for a new interview and discussed his transition from the UFC to WWE, his relationship with the Legends and more:

On his transition from UFC to wrestling: “My transition from MMA to wrestling, my physical transition was easy. I was fighting, suplexing, kicking… that part was pretty easy the hardest part for me was working in front of live crowd, entertaining people and connecting with people. In MMA I don’t have to connect with anybody, I just have to punch people in the face and stay focus on the match while here not only I have to stay focus on the match but I have to be focus on entertaining people and connect with them and make them feel something. The transition was pretty smooth as I was always a fan of pro wrestling and this is something I loved and something I always wanted to do, when I saw the opportunity I took it.”

On the differences between the brands: “From the beginning you start training, you go to the indies and work your way up and eventually you make it to NXT. NXT is probably one of the most professional places I’ve ever worked and there was so much when I was there, they got the TV deal with USA Network, is huge but I didn’t realize how the main roster was until I got there on SmackDown and it is a complete different monster, completely different machines with a lot of parts and pieces and then you go to Raw and you got 3 hours and it is even a bigger monster with … is craziness. When you are dealing with live TV thing are going crazy, even if you plans the things not to go crazy; they get crazy sometimes because you can plan it, things happen. The big difference for me when I was on NXT the things were a bit more planned out while on the main roster everything should be planned or there is an idea but most of the time you just shoot from the hip and that is why the people need to be prepare and be professional on the main roster because anything can happen and you have to be ready and professional, you have to be ready for anything anytime and Vince McMahon is right there at gorilla looking at you so it’s not like: “Oh man, I hope nobody saw that” because Vince McMahon is watching closely Bro so do your job good.”

On his relationship with WWE’s legends: “A lot of people think that I have heat with the legends but the majority of the legends like me. I see Ric Flair all the time he is been around now that he has this little thing with Lacey and he is one of the greatest, he always give some tips and advice. Booker T always gives me an advice to put my shoes on, he doesn’t like seeing me wrestle with bare foot, he says: ‘Go and get boots man!’ and I’m, ‘It’s Riddle, Booker…’

“Carlito was there the other day, he is a nice guy; Christian, he gave me some tips he said: ‘Keep being a stallion’ and I say, ‘You too.’ Edge is there all the time now, he is pretty legendary, he is cool. But do you know who was the best legend that was there? GILLBERG!! The guy is one of the nicest persons that I’ve ever met. He wrestled, he’s been there, he’s been up, he’s been down… he was a pleasure, he gave great advices to everybody in the locker room and told stories about the past so he was a true treat.”

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