Rickey Shane Page Praises Randy Orton’s Recent Work

In an interview with Fightful, GCW’s Rickey Shane Page praised the heel work of Randy Orton and said that wrestling needs to focus more on storytelling. Here are highlights:

On what wrestling has become: “I think, I really do think, wrestling has just gotten away from us. It’s become such this hyper athletic contest of crazy who can do the most moves that people want this story. People want to be ‘tricked’ into thinking I’m an asshole. I don’t really do interviews. I don’t really go and sell merch. I try not to talk to fans at shows. I’m very committed to this. So, I think it helps. Because they want to be taken back to that time when they believed and they didn’t know who was supposed to win the belt and who was getting fired for this and who’s banging who. They didn’t know any of that shit. They just wanted to watch Stone Cold Steve Austin beat up Vince McMahon. Nick Gage is Stone Cold Steve Austin and I’m Vince McMahon. Everybody wants to see Nick Gage beat me up and we’re not giving it to them, and they’re getting mad. That’s another thing, we’re not giving them what they want a lot. Because fans are so used to getting what they want that we’re not giving it to them that they’re getting pissed. Then they realize I’m doing it on purpose and they go, ‘You fucker,’ and then they buy a t-shirt. So, I think that fans really, really want storylines on the independent level. I really think they want well thought out matches that don’t go crazy, and build to things. We have, technologically, the most advanced our wrestling has ever been and I don’t think people use that to their advantages whatsoever. You can really tell a story and take wrestling back and make it what it was, but also what it could be. Not to try to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes and be, ‘Hey, this was real.’ But, you can kinda make them believe for a little bit, and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

On if he prefers to be booed or cheered: “It don’t matter to me, honestly. ‘Cause there’s always those guys that like the heels. There’s always those fans that liked the NWO back in the day. It was one of those deals. So, it’s nice if they play along and if they boo and things like that, I appreciate that because that just helps the show. Like I said earlier, It goes back to ‘taking it back from’ and making people work for stuff. I don’t want to get on a big tangent about how I feel ‘rasslin’ is today. It doesn’t matter, as long as they’re reacting. Whether or not they get what I’m doing or not.”

On drawing inspiration from other heels: “I’ve been doing a headlock or something. I love Randy Orton and I think his straight up not giving a fuckness is the best thing about him and he does not give a shit about what anybody in that crowd thinks about what he’s doing. He will ride a headlock for five minutes. He doesn’t care. So, I really take inspiration from that. So, I’m at these death match shows doing headlocks and someone in the crowd will be like, ‘Oh, my God. You’re so boring.’ Like, I heard them say it, and I looked at them and I’m like, ‘I’m doing it on purpose,’ and they’re like, ‘Oh. Oh, you fucking asshole.’ But, then these other fans don’t realize that I’m being boring, they just think, ‘Oh, he’s an asshole. He’s being a heel,’ because they’re not smart marks or whatever. So, I get ‘em twice. That’s fun for me.”

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