Rey Mysterio Says That Dominik May Still Wear a Mask in the Ring

Dominik Mysterio has foregone the tradition of wearing a mask as part of his ring gear thus far, but Rey Mysterio says it may still happen. Rey appeared on the Not About Wrestling Podcast and spoke about his ring gear, during which he was asked if there’s been talk about his son donning a mask at some point.

“Yes, as a matter of fact there was,” Rey said (per Sportskeeda). “The only issue was that he was getting so much promotion without the mask, prior to him starting to wrestle. When I did my storyline with Samoa Joe with Brock and we just felt maybe it might be a little too late to mask him now. We’ve talked about it. We would love to incorporate the mask somehow someway, so the legacy continues. Even if they know his face already. We can start a trend where Dominik is outside the ring and Dominick Mysterio is inside the ring.”

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