Rey Mysterio & Dominik Confirm They Tested Positive for COVID-19 in December, Discuss Their Symptoms

– During an appearance on the Start Today Podcast this week (via Fightful), WWE father & son Superstars Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio confirmed that they both tested positive for COVID-19 last December. According to Mysterio, he tested positive on his 46th birthday on December 11. He stated the following:

“It was actually on my birthday. December 11. My parents ended up catching COVID and we were taking care of them and making sure they didn’t catch it. They caught it, brought it to my house, passed it on to my housekeeper, my housekeeper passed it on to my wife. I was with my wife for three days, flew to Tampa for SmackDown, and I found out that Friday before walking into the arena that my housekeeper tested positive. I didn’t want to bring it to the guys. We both tested negative. My daughter tested negative too. We flew back home Saturday. Saturday night, I felt really sick and woke up Sunday with a massive headache. I felt achey and I knew right away, My wife felt the same way. Sunday and Monday, we were locked in our rooms. Tuesday, we get tested. My wife and I test positive. Dominik and Aalyah test negative. Lock up again and quarantine for 11 days. Dominik felt sick on Tuesday night and woke up Wednesday sick.”

Dominik reportedly said that he tested positive on the Thursday of that week, but his sister Aalyah did not catch it. In terms of symptoms, Dominik said he had to deal with a headache, chills and body aches for a period of about two days. Rey Mysterio dealt with similar symptoms along with fatigue.

Mysterio last worked in December for a December 4 edition of SmackDown in a six-man tag team match. He didn’t return to action until January 8 last month. Dominik Mysterio did not wrestle on SmackDown for the month of December.

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