Rey Mysterio Comments On Re-Signing With WWE

Rey Mysterio reportedly signed a new deal with WWE last summer. After losing his eye in storyline at the Extreme Rules PPV, it wasn’t clear if Mysterio would be returning to WWE. Then later that summer it was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Mysterio had all but signed a new contract with the company.

Mysterio recently sat down with to speak about his current deal with WWE.

Rey Mysterio On Re-Signing With WWE

“We never made the signing of my new deal public, but there is definitely going to be more time to see Rey Mysterio in WWE,” Mysterio said. “I’m going to keep wrestling, at least until Father Time catches up and says, ‘It’s time to go.’ ”

It was reported this summer that Mysterio’s new deal is for 3 years.

Mysterio also spoke about leaving WWE in 2015 and his eventual return in 2018 during the interview.

“During that period, I was given time to think about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I sat down with my wife and my kids, and we ultimately made the decision together that it was time for me to come back to WWE. I am thankful for that opportunity because I knew my son wanted to be part of this industry, and I wanted to reopen the door for Dominik to eventually get a foot in the business. WWE has treated me like I had never left, and I am so grateful and truly blessed for that. I’m under WWE’s wings once again, and they’ve seen such potential in Dominik and such a bright future for him.”

Mysterio also spoke about how he wanted to change his look upon his return to WWE.

“I changed up my look a little bit, and I really wanted to include the mohawk. That was big for me growing up as a wrestling fan. The mohawk makes this mask stand out even more.”

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