Renee Paquette Reveals Text Exchange With Nia Jax After ‘My Hole’ Outburst

– During the latest episode of her Oral Sessions podcast, former WWE broadcaster Renee Paquette (aka Renee Young) talked about the infamous “My hole!” outburst from Nia Jax, which became a social media sensation last week. You can view that clip below.

Paquette stated on Nia Jax, “I texted her, I was like, ‘Hey, not to pile on, but like, you alright?’ *Laughs* She’s hanging in there. The hole’s OK. She’s doing OK.”

She added, “Of course, I can’t imagine what that feels like, when she did like a leg drop on the apron and landed funny and blasted her ass open. I don’t know. Didn’t X-Pac do something similar several years ago? Yeah, he broke his ass. That’s a real thing, so guys beware, and just note that this episode is in fact dedicated to Nia Jax’s hole.”

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