Phillies’ INSANE comeback in World Series Game 1! Down 5 runs then win in extras!

The Phillies became the first World Series team in 20 years to win a game it had trailed by five runs as they stole the win in Game 1 of the 2022 World Series!

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41 thoughts on “Phillies’ INSANE comeback in World Series Game 1! Down 5 runs then win in extras!

  1. I ain't gonna lie, I'm not even a baseball fan, like I've never in my life watched a full game and only went to one Phillies game ever, I dont get upset when they lose, not too hype when they win, Only basic knowledge of the game istelf. But I got to root for the Phils. Watching these swings in slomo, it's a wonder how you accurately swing/chase a ball coming at you 90 mph. Hats off to Phills for generating so much offense when they need it.

  2. Not that it took much to silence the weak crowd in Houston, but we had them STUNNED. Lot different playing in Philly in the cold with Philly fans. Astros are in trouble.

  3. Is it just me or did Alvarez have a shot at catching the Castellanos line drive in the first clip? He's jogging to the ball and he gets to the ball in less than a second after the ball drops. Huge lost opportunity in my opinion to have kept the game in their favour

  4. Did not like the way Altuve didn't hustle to first base. Despicable for such a high profile game. Did not like the way Pena bobbled the gimme. Did not like the way Alvarez swung at a dirt ball. Did not like the way Verlander blew a 5 run lead. GO STROS

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