Peyton Royce On How Split With Billie Kay Has Affected Her, Why She Needs To Win Royal Rumble

Peyton Royce once looked to be getting ready for a singles push after her split with IIconics partner Billie Kay but her momentum has dwindled since then and the female star has got lost in the shuffle.

The former NXT star was recently interviewed by Instinct Culture where she opened up about her current position in the company among other things.

Royce first discussed the upcoming Royal Rumble event and she explained that she needs to win the battle royal because she needs a breakout performance:

“I feel I really need that breakout performance so that I can get myself into the top level which I’ve been trying to get to for so many years now

And I feel that’s the way I am going to be able to do it. To win the Royal Rumble and have a championship match, at Wrestlemania and in the same year, what more can you ask for?”

Peyton Royce also opened up about how her split with Billie Kay has affected her and the Australian star said that Kay was the support system which she has lost:

“She’s just my support system that I feel like I have lost and I am trying to rebuild that within myself. I am trying not to rely on somebody else for that. So it has been really tough.

I am so happy for her, she’s absolutely killing it on SmackDown right now, she’s a comedic genius and she’s just thriving. And I hope that I can get there too.”

The IIconics made their main roster debut in April 2018 and while the duo have had a reign with the women’s tag team championships, fans believe that Peyton Royce has the potential to be a main event star if given the chance.

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