Pat McAfee Comments On Rumors That He’ll Return To WWE

Earlier this week, Triple H held a media call ahead of tomorrow night’s NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day. When he was asked about a return to WWE for Pat McAfee, he said that they aren’t trying to limit his appearances, he’s just busy with all of various projects.

In the latest episode of The Pat McAfee show, the man himself also addressed the rumors.

After reading the quote from Triple H, he said: “I was talked about in the wrestling community yesterday by Triple H, actually, about my future plans. It was interesting. […] I mean, all very nice things he said there but me learning about being written off TV did happen live on the air. He’s a very nice man, Mr. H, for everything he said. He did say, basically, like, ‘Pat has been very busy. Kind of a fatass right now. He’s going to have to get back into shape,’ basically is what he said. And then maybe we’ll think about something.

But when it came to the rumors themselves, he noted that he hasn’t been dieting as well, but he’s being doing cardio so maybe he can get back in shape to get in there.

He added: “I’ve not heard anything, by the way. […] Have not heard anything. No ideas. But I do believe the first step would be to have the diet match the amount of conditioning I’ve been doing in the Oculus. And when that happens, look out.

He also continued his in-character feud with Adam Cole, calling him a ‘scumbag’ and spoke about their matches.

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