Papa Shango Trends on Twitter Following Randy Orton Vomiting Black Goo on Raw

As previously reported, WWE aired a segment on last night’s Raw, where Alexa Bliss put a curse on Randy Orton and caused him to vomit up black goo. Of course, this quickly drew comparisons for Papa Shango (aka WWE Hall of Famer The Godfather, Charles Wright) putting “voodoo” curses on Mean Gene Okerlund and Ultimate Warrior in WWF back in 1992 (see below). As a result, Papa Shango became a trending topic on Twitter today, with more than 1,643 people tweeting on the segment and drawing comparisons to the voodoo master.

The Twitter trend reads, “Wrestling fans are drawing parallels to The Godfather’s Papa Shango character while watching WWE Monday Night Raw.” The old early 1990s angles were greatly maligned in the past for their poor quality. You can see a video of Orton getting the curse and vomiting black goo below:

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