Oliver Luck Calls Vince McMahon ‘Corrupt & Deceitful’ In Latest XFL Lawsuit Filing

Former XFL commissioner Oliver Luck has fired back at Vince McMahon in the latest filing over his lawsuit for wrongful termination, calling the WWE Chairman “corrupt and deceitful.’ Sportico reports that Luck’s legal team filed a a memorandum of law in Connecticut Federal District Court on Friday, responding to McMahon and Alpha Entertainment’s latest filing which alleged Luck repeatedly shared confidential information with his brother-in-law, then-NFL agent William Wilson.

Luck’s filing alleges that McMahon “violated his duty of good faith … to ensure that Alpha did not manufacture spurious or dishonest grounds on which to terminate Mr. Luck for the sinister purpose of avoiding payment of all compensation to which he was entitled upon a termination without cause.” It goes on to contest the idea that Alpha lawfully fired Luck “for cause,” noting that his contract had specific reasons that would have had to be triggered by him either willingly or via gross negligence and not be repaired within 30 days. Luck stated that he didn’t receive any written notice from McMahon or Alpha about any alleged wrongdoing, nor did he receive a chance to repair any such violations.

Luck further alleges that the lack of notice was part of McMahon’s “bad faith” as well as a “sham attempt” by Alpha to set Luck up for a dishonest firing. Luck’s lawyers note that “the Defendants knew that if [Luck] had received such notice and opportunity, he immediately would have cured the alleged violation and thereby deprive the defendants of an opportunity to avoid payment of the full amount.”

One of Alpha and McMahon’s arguments for Luck’s firing for cause was that he failed to a release Antonio Callaway, whose “bad reputation” was in violation of XFL policies. The Defendants claim that Luck signed Calloway over McMahon’s concerns and objections, that Luck failed to notify McMahon of Callaway getting injured and that he refused to promptly cut Callaway. The new filing claims that McMahon and Alpha purposefully misconstrued the facts in regards to Calloway, pointing out that his contract made it clear that whoever XFL signed or released was specifically the decision of the XFL commissioner

The filing also says that Luck will file a separate motion with a third amended complaint, which he says will have “additional details of defendants’ bad faith conduct.”

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