ODB on Her Impact Wrestling Return Not Being Full Time

– Speaking to A Wrestling Gal, who commented on her recent return to Impact Wrestling. According to ODB, she’s not returning full-time. Below is an excerpt (via Fightful).

“I’m not back full-time. It felt good. I went back and did a few matches that will be airing soon. I felt great. I spoke with Gail Kim, who is still there and agenting matches for the girls, and she was like, ‘Wow, you haven’t missed a step.’ That felt good because I hadn’t been in the ring for over a year and I wasn’t going to practice or anything. The 75 Hard [workout] obviously got me ready, which is weird because you never know what will come at you. Obviously, I did 75 Hard for a reason, but I didn’t know and it attracted other things in my life. I wasn’t looking to go back to wrestling. It was always, ‘I’m ready if anyone calls me,’ but I wasn’t knocking on doors, so it was cool for them [to call me]. IMPACT has always been my home.”

ODB recently returned to Impact Wrestling earlier this month.

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