Note On Why AEW Revolution Moved To A Sunday This Year

As we’ve previously reported, AEW Revolution will be moving from its original date of February 27 to March 7, which makes it the first AEW PPV to air on Sunday. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that this date was selected for two reasons.

First of all, the original date will feature a boxing PPV on DAZN with Canelo Alvarez vs. Avni Yildirim. There isn’t a huge crossover in audience, but there is enough that AEW decided to move. And Canelo is the biggest star in boxing box office right now.

While they could have moved the show to March 6, there will be a UFC PPV that night with three title fights. Again, while there isn’t a lot of crossover with AEW and UFC audiences, there is enough, and more than boxing, especially with PPV buys.

There has been talk that the NBA will run the All-Star game on March 7, which would be head-to-head with Revolution, but at this time AEW does not plan to change dates again.

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