Note On How WWE Is Handling COVID-19 Vaccine With Talent

Fightful Select has details on how WWE is approaching the COVID-19 vaccine with its talent, including how the talent are reacting to the company’s decision.

According to Fightful, WWE talent were recently informed that they wouldn’t be getting the vaccine through the company, with talent being responsible for getting the vaccine on their own.

The report notes that the decision “surprised” some talents who were expecting to receive the vaccine through WWE, although there were others who figured they would be required to get it themselves due to their independent contractor status.

Additionally, Fightful claims that there is “a ton of frustration” among the talent they’ve spoken with, with there being some influential people in WWE who “actively speak against COVID.”

It’s worth noting that Fightful reports that since Drew McIntyre announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19, others behind the scenes have also tested positive.

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