NJPW Reportedly Turned Down AXS TV Return In Favor of Roku Deal

NJPW apparently had the opportunity to return to AXS TV recently, but turned them down in favor of their Roku deal. It was noted on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that AXS TV was interested in bringing New Japan back, but that the Japanese wrestling company decided to go with Roku was better in terms of strategy.

The report noted that NJPW wants to be on a bigger network and their deal with Roku is not exclusive, so it gets the company in the US market while not locking them down the way they would be if they signed a deal with AXS TV.

NJPW aired on AXS TV from 2014 to 2019, exiting the channel when their TV deal expired after Impact owners Anthem Sports & Entertainment bought AXS. The company premiered on Roku last week, with new episodes airing Thursday at 5 PM.

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