NJPW and CMLL Reaffirm Partnership, ‘Mutual Commitment’ Going Forward

While the pandemic forced NJPW and CMLL to cancel their Fantasticamania show last month, the companies are committed to their relationship as noted in a new statement. The two companies issued a joint statement on Thursday as posted on NJPW’s website, which reaffirmed their partnership moving ahead.

The statement reads in full:

A joint statement from NJPW and CMLL
Since November 2009, New Japan Pro-Wrestling and CMLL have enjoyed a unique and prosperous working relationship. This relationship has seen CMLL stars travel to Japan every January for the annual Fantasticamania tour as well as competing in New Japan rings on a frequent basis, and NJPW prospects developing in excursions to CMLL in Mexico. NJPW remains deeply proud of the strong bond it has with CMLL.

Unfortunately, the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic prevented Fantasticamania from taking place in January 2021. However, New Japan Pro-Wrestling would like to reassure fans that its relationship with CMLL is unwavering, and that CMLL will continue to be the exclusive business partner for NJPW in Mexico.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling is proud to issue this joint declaration with CMLL to reaffirm our mutual commitment. There is plenty more to come from NJPW’s partnership with CMLL in the future, and we appreciate your support.

Statement from Salvador Lutteroth Lomeli (President, Consejo Mondial de Lucha Libre)

New Japan Pro-Wrestling is the leader of the Japanese pro-wrestling industry, and we have developed a strong relationship of mutual trust for 12 years now. It is an honour for us to continue working with NJPW moving forward. Gracias!

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