New Jersey To Allow Fans at Sporting Events Next Month

Pro wrestling could find a new pandemic-era market in New Jersey, which is set to open up its venues to a limited number of fans for sporting events next month. Wrestling Inc reports that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has announced that sports venues with a capacity of over 5,000 will be able to allow a 10% (for indoor venues) or 15% (for outdoor locations) capacity for fans starting March 1st.

That means a venue like MetLife Stadium, which has hosted WrestleManias in the past and has a maximum capacity of 82,500, can have up to 12,375 fans in attendance for shows. The Prudential Center, an indoor venue that has hosted WWE events and was set to host AEW’s Blood & Guts episode of Dynamite before the pandemic shutdown, could have up to 1,650 fans.

Venues must follow COVID-19 safety protocols in order to operate sporting events. New Jersey follows New York as a Northeastern state that is opening up to limited capacity sports events in recent weeks, with New York officially allowing large venues to re-open for sports and concerts as of today.

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