Murphy Posts Explanation Behind Heel Turn, Then Deletes It

Murphy was involved in a rather surprising backstage segment with Seth Rollins on last week’s SmackDown. Murphy wanted to join hands with a heel Rollins, which would show that Murphy’s character has turned heel again. While Rollins wasn’t too keen on an alliance with him again, it does seem that Murphy’s character has received a heel turn. While it hasn’t been clearly explained yet, Murphy did posted an explanation behind his sudden heel turn in the form of a comment on a photo of the encounter between the Messiah and his disciple uploaded on WWE‘s Instagram page.

“Let’s point out the obvious! The Mysterio’s used me! I never needed them! I’m beyond one of the most talent (sic) in-ring performers on the planet! Aalyah used me to be on tv and advance an acting career. Dominik used me so he had a reason to stand ringside. Rey was jealous that I became the new face of the cruiserweight and he was left out of the discussion. They took what they wanted then they left me in the shadows! Sounds like my time in NXT,” Murphy wrote in the comment.

It’s interesting to speculate if WWE nixed this explanation involving the Mysterios since the comment got deleted only within a few hours of posting. On this week’s SmackDown, we saw Murphy squaring off against Cesario in a singles match. They were also joined by Seth Rollins, who took a seat on the entrance ramp to watch the match. After a few minutes into the match, Rollins got involved and hit Murphy with the Stomp and taunted him. Rollins also delivered the Stomp on Cesaro, and placed a chair around his neck. Seth was going to destroy Cesaro’s neck with another Stomp but he was stopped by WWE producer Jamie Noble. It seems like Murphy will be involved in the feud between Rollins and Cesaro in the future.

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