More Backstage Details on Kyle O’Reilly Stretcher Job Angle for Last Night’s NXT

As previously reported, Kyle O’Reilly did a stretcher job angle following last night’s NXT, which apparently led to speculation that O’Reilly was legitimately hurt. It was later confirmed by Ryan Satin with FOX Sports that it was all just part of his TV angle, and O’Reilly is fine. The stretcher job was merely him selling the attack from the show. Fightful Select reported additional details on the incident.

After last night’s NXT went off the air, Adam Cole attacked O’Reilly and suplexed him on the steel steps and appeared to be knocked unconscious. Triple H and Finn Balor then came out to check on O’Reilly before he was taken out on a stretcher.

A fan on social media who was in attendance reportedly falsely started a rumor that O’Reilly suffered some sort of seizure. There was concern among fans about this considering O’Reilly is a Type 1 Diabetic. Additionally, Fightful noted there was also concern backstage among the NXT roster for O’Reilly after the angle due to his medical issues.

Per the report, some of the NXT roster wasn’t sure if the stretcher angle was legitimate or not. Usually, most of the roster isn’t clued into all the creative storylines, hence why some of them might’ve thought O’Reilly being hurt was legitimate.

WWE sources for the report were adamant in stating the angle was not a “seizure storyline,” and no mention of a type of seizure was referenced when the angle was pitched and later executed. Also, WWE officials reportedly caught on to the false rumors, which is why word was sent out that the angle with O’Reilly was simply part of a storyline.

As noted, O’Reilly has since tweeted about the angle earlier today and thanked fans for their concern on his behalf.

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