MMA Legend Vitor Belfort Calls Out Chris Jericho For Cross-Promotional Match

Vitor Belfort was in Mike Tyson’s entourage when the Baddest Man on the Planet confronted Chris Jericho last May on AEW Dynamite. Now, the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion wants to face Jericho one-on-one.

Belfort fights for the ONE Championship MMA promotion. The company recently announced a deal to broadcast events on TNT. The first event to broadcast on the network will be on April 7th and it will air following the conclusion of Dynamite that night.

Vitor Belfort Calls Out Chris Jericho

“With myself being with ONE, and on the same network, I think it’s time for [AEW CEO] Tony Khan to give me Jericho, and I can whip Jericho’s butt. We can really make that fight happen,” Belfort said to SCMP MMA.

“I think this is what the audience wants, we can draw a lot of audience for AEW and ONE. It’s time to cross-promote and bring these two together. ONE has a lot of top athletes, including myself, and we can make some big fights in both.”

“It’s gonna be phenomenal. Think about me and Chris Jericho doing a ONE fight and going over there, imagine how many fans wanna see that – him making his debut in ONE, and me making my debut in AEW.”

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Vitor Belfort’s challenge to Chris Jericho can be heard in the player below:

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