MLW Teasing More Lucha Underground Content With Azteca Underground

Major League Wrestling (MLW) appears to be introducing a brand known as Azteca Underground.

MLW star Salina de la Renta’s “Promociones Dorado” organization has been purchased by Azteca Underground, Inc. The purchase occurred shortly after Salina brought former Lucha Underground Champion, Mil Muertes, to the fight league.

Additionally, MLW has been re-tweeting posts from a newly created Azteca Underground account. The mysterious company (and the association to Mil Muertes) are drawing comparisons to shuttered wrestling promotion, Lucha Underground.

Mil Muertes was a featured character on the cult-favorite show, Lucha Underground, from 2014-2018. Unlike other characters on the show, however, Ricky Banderas obtained the rights to be able to portray Muertes outside of Lucha Underground. MLW has kept the character’s appearance and back story, noting that he was buried alive during the Mexico City Earthquake in 1985. This is what led to Muertes developed a deep connection with death.

Also of note here, is that the network that formerly aired Lucha Underground, the El Rey Network, shut down broadcasting on January 1st.

There have also been reports that MLW is looking at developing a second weekly show as well as special events for DAZN. Muertes recently defeated Brian Pillman Jr. in his first match with MLW.

MLW Fusion This Week

This week on MLW Fusion, we will get the culmination of a long-running feud between Richard Holliday and Savio Vega. TJP will team with Bukudao to go up against Team Filthy’s Violence is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku).

  • Caribbean Strap Match
    Richard Holliday vs Savio Vega
  • TJP & Bukudao vs Violence is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku)

Also in MLW, Salina de la Renta is building a feud with interviewer Alicia Atout. They have been exchanging insults on social media as of late.

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