MLW News: Possible Titles For Second MLW Series, Update on MLW Underground Return, DAZN Special Plans

– A new report named a couple potential titles for the second planned MLW series. PWInsider reports that the current “leading titles” bneing shopped for the series recently are MLW Rebellion and MLW Underground. As the show is still in development, everything is of course subject to change.

– Speaking of MLW Underground, as you may recall that was the name of the classic series rebroadcast that took place over the summer as MLW: Fusion was on hiatus due to COVID-19. PWInsider notes that sources in the company are hopeful for an announcement in the next few weeks about the broadcasts of those shows picking up again. There was talk at one point about airing them on BeIN Sport when MLW: Fusion returned but that has not yet happened.

– The company is also working on the logistics of having future special programming on DAZN, but there’s no word on when or if that will ultimately happen.

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