MLW News: Note On Brian Pillman Jr.’s MLW Status, Mads Krügger Wants Rematch With Hammerstone

– Brian Pillman Jr.’s loss to Mil Muertes on last week’s MLW: Fusion was not the end for him, according to a new report. As reported last week, Muertes’ debut match for MLW was a squash match against Pillman. The match sparked speculation that Pillman, who has worked for both MLW and AEW as of late, was exiting the promotion after the loss. However, PWInsider reports that is not the case and that Pillman’s loss was not his “swan song” for the company.

– Mads Krügger wants a rematch against Alexander Hammerstone. Krügger lost to Hammerstone on the January 6th episode of MLW, and MLW posted the following video where he challenges the Middleweight Champion to a rematch. Also below is Hammerstone’s response, in which he says he’s not afraid of Krügger and accepts the match.

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