MLW Fusion Results (2/17): Filthy Island Special

Major League Wrestling presented a special episode this week. Tom Lawlor and Team Filthy prevented a festival in Hawaii known as “Filthy Island.”

The full episode can be viewed in the player below:

MLW Fusion 2/17 Quick Results

  1. Dominic Garrini defeated Mauna Loa
  2. Kevin Ku defeated Zenshi
  3. Rocky Romero defeated El Gringo Loco
  4. Aztec Jungle Fight
    Mil Muertes defeated Savio Vega
  5. Low Ki defeated King Mo

Here are key takeaways from the show:

The Von Erichs Invade Filthy Island!

After Low-Ki was victorious in the main event, Team Filthy hit the ring and looked to deliver a 3-on-1 attack. The Von Erichs theme music could be heard blaring as the brothers drove up in their jeep to make the save, however. They rid the ring of Team Filthy and according to, Tom Lawlor fled the island and his whereabouts are unknown.

Controversy In Match Between Low Ki and King Mo

Dan Lambert was on commentary for this match and noted that he was concerned about the officiating in this match and that proved to be a very prophetic statement. Low Ki had King Mo locked in a triangle choke and it looked as though Mo was trying to reach out for the ring ropes. The problem is, there wasn’t any ring ropes, so it looked for all the world as if Mo was tapping when he tried to grab them.

Did Mil Muertes Bury Savio Vega?

This match came about after Savio Vega rejected Salina de la Renta’s offer to purchase a share of IWA Puerto Rico. Salina noted that the deal was not optional and now Vega would have to take on Muertes in an Aztec Jungle Fight.

In an undisclosed location, deep in the jungle, Muertes and Vega brawled. The camera cut away from the match on multiple occasions and went back to Filthy Island to cover the matches taking place there. Eventually, Muertes hit Vega in the head with a large crowbar and cover him for the 3. As the camera cut away, Muertes was digging a grave, presumably to bury Savio Vega.

Dominic Garrini Submits Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa is the name of an active volcano in Hawaii. It was also the name of a rather large man that Dominic Garrini submitted in the first match on Filthy Island. According to the graphic, Mauna Loa is a 14-time Polynesian Pacific Champion.

It was hard not to notice during this match that a real Fyre Festival-type situation seems to have occurred on the island. The rope without rings was placed on a field with few spectators scattered around. A broken down and dilapidated tent was also visible.

Mauna Loa actually seemed to have the advantage in the match until Lawlor yelled out that he should approach the contest as if he was fighting former MMA Fighter, Emmanuel Yarbrough. Garrini then hit a judo throw and locked in the rear-naked choke for the win.

Kevin Ku Beats Zenshi

Team Filthy continued its winning ways in the second match on Filthy Island as Kevin Ku defeated Zenshi. The match started in an interesting fashion, as Zenshi dropped down from the trees into the rope-less ring. He picked up the win with a Dragon Suplex after Zenshi hit the exposed post moments earlier.

TJP Heel Turn Confirmed?

TJP showed frustration with Bu Ku Dao after their recent tag-team loss. In an interview with Alicia Atout, TJP expressed that he doesn’t feel Dao has it to be successful and also made fun of his height. Atout accused TJP of bullying and he abruptly ended the interview.

Rocky Romero Picks Up Win Over El Gringo Loco

Rocky Romero and El Gringo Loco faced each other in singles action on Filthy Island. At one point, Romero looked at the camera and dedicated the match to his dog. Well, Romero’s dog was likely thrilled to see him pick up the victory after delivering a tornado DDT.

MLW Top-10 Rankings

MLW released updated top-10 rankings this week.

MLW World Champion: Jacob Fatu (Contra Unit)

  1. Alexander Hammerstone (National Openweight Champion) (Dynasty)
  2. Tom Lawlor (Opera Cup Winner) (Team Filthy)
  3. Lio Rush (MLW Middleweight Champion)
  4. Low Ki
  5. Mads Krugger (Contra Unit)
  6. Richard Holliday (Dynasty)
  7. Mil Muertes (Azteca Underground)
  8. Myron Reed (Injustice)
  9. Calvin Tankman
  10. Jordan Oliver (Injustice)

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