MLW Fusion (1/20): Injustice Spoils Contra Unit’s Clean Sweep

MLW Fusion on 1/20 featured a World Championship match between Jacob Fatu and ACH. Two other members of Contra Unit were also in action last night as Simon Gotch took on Jordan Oliver and Daivari faced Zenshi.

The full show can be viewed in the player below:

MLW Fusion 1/20 Quick Results:

  1. Daivari (Contra Unit) defeated Zenshi
  2. Simon Gotch (Contra Unit) defeated Jordan Oliver (Injustice)
  3. MLW World Championship
    Jacob Fatu (Contra Unit) (c) defeated ACH

Here are 6 key takeaways from MLW Fusion 1/20:

Daivari Picks Up First Win For Contra Unit

While Josef Samael isn’t able to physically be in the venue for recent MLW events, he’s added new troops since the restart. In addition to “The Black Hand of Contra” Mads Krugger, the faction has added Daivari to its ranks as well.

The finish of this match came when Zenshi missed a 450 splash and Daivari hit a hammerlock short-arm clothesline for the win.

Caribbean Strap Match Scheduled

Savio Vega is finally going to get his hands on Richard Holliday. He might even get his Caribbean Championship belt back. Holliday has been proclaiming himself as the title-holder for months, despite not officially defeating Vega for it. This week, Savio Vega sent in a promo and promised to use the very same strap that he and Steve Austin beat each other with on Holliday. Later in the show, Holliday said he would accept the terms in the contract he was sent for the match.

This long-running feud will reach a boiling point next week when Richard Holliday faces Savio Vega in a Caribbean Strap Match.

Simon Gotch Picks Up 2nd Win For Contra Unit

We were supposed to get this match at Kings of the Colosseum but Gotch went MIA for the event, only returning to aid in a Contra Unit assault on Injustice. While Jordan Oliver provided significant competition for Gotch, it would be the Contra member’s submission skills that would earn him the victory here. The finish of the match came when Oliver springboarded off the ropes but was caught in a sleeper by Gotch. The ref called for the bell but Gotch wasn’t done. He held onto the submission after the bell and then gave Oliver a Gotch-driver.

Jacob Fatu Retains Title Over ACH

ACH went into his title match against Jacob Fatu with taped up ribs. This was due to an attack that took place outside his gym. It’s not clear who attacked ACH, but he would say he thought he heard the voice of Dominic Garrini from Team Filthy. Is Tom Lawlor upset that ACH is getting a title shot before him? Lawlor denied these allegations when confronted with them by Alicia Atout earlier.

ACH took a beating in the early parts of the match. He mounted a comeback despite his injuries, however. He hit a springboard cutter, a hurricanrana, and an enziguri but Fatu countered with a hard kick and followed that up with a pop-up Samoan Drop and then his springboard moonsault finish for the win.

Injustice Spoils Contra Unit’s Clean Sweep

It seemed as though nothing could go wrong for Contra Unit on this night. They’d won all 3 matches on the card including Jacob Fatu defending the World Championship. As Daivari and Fatu were cutting a promo on the stage at the end of the night, they were suddenly attacked by two flag-bearing members of the Sentai Death Squad. As the two members unmasked, they were revealed to be Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed of Injustice. Contra Unit may have won all 3 matches this night, but it would be Injustice who would close the show getting the last laugh.

Also this week in MLW

  • Tom Lawlor and Team Filthy denied allegations that they attacked ACH before his match with Jacob Fatu. His faction found a creative way to pronounce “ACH” but said they aren’t worried about him and are focussing on the coming debut of “Filthy Island.”
  • Salina de la Renta blew off Alicia Atout’s questions about the change of ownership regarding Promociones Dorado. Salina says the only thing anyone should be worried about is what Mil Muertes is going to do next.
  • Mads Krugger cut a promo directed at Alexander Hammerstone. The two wrestlers fought to a draw at Kings of the Colosseum but now they will square off in 2 weeks in a Baklei Brawl.

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