Miro Vows To Retire If He Can’t Win The AEW World Championship

AEW star Miro has huge aspirations for himself in All Elite Wrestling.

The Bulgarian brute made a bold career move by joining AEW last year. He is aligned with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford and will serve as “The Best Man” at their wedding next week at AEW Beach Break.

Miro is an avid streamer on Twitch and conducted a Q&A session on the platform this week. When asked when he plans on retiring, Miro declared that he will retire if he does not capture the AEW World Championship.

“When the time is right,” Miro said about retirement. “I’ve said that before. And I can guarantee you that if I don’t become AEW Champion, I’m going to probably retire. Actually not probably, I will retire.”

At 36 years old, Miro still has a lot of gas left in the tank. He is in the best physical shape of his career. He also appears to be very satisfied with his role in AEW. Following up on his stipulation to retire if he does not win AEW gold, he added, “Do you know what that means? That means I’m going to become AEW Champion.”

Miro Welcomes Criticism

Also during the Twitch Q&A, another fan told Miro he sucks and should return to WWE. Instead of getting angry, took a laid back approach with the trash-talking jabronie.

“I respect your opinion that I suck,” said Miro. “You’re right, I suck. But do I? That’s your opinion.”

He encouraged the fan to write Tony Khan a letter and tell him that Miro sucks. He receives a ton of fan mail and has not received anything negative yet.

“If you want to be the first one, please apply, please send that and I’ll make sure that it gets to me.”

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