Miro Says He’ll Retire If He Doesn’t Become AEW World Champion

In the latest video posted to his Twitch, Miro answered questions from fans and revealed that he would consider retiring if he doesn’t ever win the AEW World title.

He said: “When the time is right. I’ve said that before. And I can guarantee you that if I don’t become AEW Champion, I’m going to probably retire. Actually not probably, I will retire. Do you know what that means? That means I’m going to become AEW Champion.

A fan told him later that he “sucked” and wanted him to “come back to WWE.” He replied: “First of all, I had no idea you are part of the WWE. Second of all, you can’t tell me what to do, man. And I respect your opinion that I suck. You’re right, I suck. But do I? That’s your opinion. Share it, scream it, write it, put it in a letter, send it to AEW, send it to Tony Khan. Send in a complaint, say ‘Miro sucks.’ I would love to see one of that, because so far I have about 30,000 letters, fan mail, each and every month about how good I am. And if you think I suck, please send it to AEW. I’m sure they’ll redirect your letter, because I collect those. I get all the fan mail and unfortunately so far I haven’t had a single hate mail. And if you want to be the first one, please apply, please send that and I’ll make sure that it gets to me.

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