Meiko Satomura To Debut For NXT UK Soon

WWE has officially announced that Meiko Satomura will be debuting for the NXT UK brand shortly. It was revealed in an article back in October that she was headed to England to begin work with WWE.

Satomura is expected to work as a player/coach for the brand.

Satomura competed in the 1st Mae Young Classic tournament, making it to the semi-finals before losing to Toni Storm.

Sasha Banks is likely happy with the news. Banks has said previously she would like to wrestle Satomura.

Pete Dunne also spoke about Satomura during a pre-Mae Young Classic interview.

“I’m a student of pro wrestling. I’ve always been a huge fan of Meiko Satomura so… I’d seen that she’d been added to the Mae Young Classic–I’m really excited for her. I think, especially this late in her career, it’s amazing she’s finally getting the chance to come to a platform like this, show the world what she can do.” Dunne said.

“Seeing her live, you’ll see what I mean. The aggression and the competitiveness she brings is something unique and like I said I’m excited for the world to see. I think it’s gonna be great to see how competitors deal with somebody with that level of experience that Meiko brings to the tournament. I think that’s what so unique about her; not only is she always wrestling a completely different style over in Japan, but she has that level of experience that’s hard to match right now with those superstars.”

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