Matt Cardona Says He Doesn’t Want A Long Term Deal Right Now

In an interview with Fightful, Matt Cardona said that he’s not looking to sign a long term deal with anyone right now, after previously confirming he was only working at Impact Wrestling for the short term. Here are highlights:

On working long term for anyone”Yeah, so, honestly I don’t want to sign anything long term. I was with WWE since 2006. I was 20 years old when I got signed. I was there for a long time and I’m so grateful for everything that I got from WWE, everything I accomplished in WWE. But, I’m not looking to just, ‘Okay, let’s sign this three year deal with someone.’ I love the freedom I have right now. The [Major Wrestling Figure Podcast] turning that into the [Major Pod Network], it’s been so refreshing, something I needed so desperately. Just this creative freedom. Not like handcuffs were on before, but they’re definitely off now and I love being able to do whatever I want to do and nobody can [stop me]. I can literally do whatever I want and there’s nobody, no boss telling me no. So, right now, that’s the way I like it.”

On being a free agent: “It’s the best, the absolute best. I can’t even describe how amazing this time has been since leaving WWE. ‘Cause on paper, 2020 sucked for me. I got released… Fired from my dream job. This global pandemic is going on. I had the coronavirus. I had to cancel my wedding. So, on paper it sucked. But, in reality it’s maybe the best year ever.”

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