Matt Cardona Not Currently Under Contract to Impact Wrestling

Matt Cardona made a splash in his Impact Wrestling debut and is competing tonight, but he is not locked down to the company yet. Cardona spoke with WZ’s Bill Pritchard for a new interview and when discussing his work for Impact, he confirmed he’s not yet signed a contract with them.

“So, I am not under a contract right now,” Cardona said. “We’re just seeing what happens, but so far, so good. I had a really good time this week. Whether it’s being in the locker room or being in the ring, I just really needed it. I needed to be in the ring — the Major Pod is awesome and it’s a creative outlet for sure — but I need to be designing gear or thinking about things for my matches. Wrestling is my first love and it’s something that I always grew up loving and being obsessed with. I had a pay-per-view debut and I wrestle on IMPACT this week, OK, so now I need more gear because I don’t like wearing the same gear over and over again. I’m already thinking for the future,” Cardona said, “and IMPACT definitely seems like my future for now.”

Cardona debuted at Hard to Kill with a match against Ace Austin, and will team with Josh Alexander against Austin and Madman Fulton tonight. We will of course have live coverage of the show.

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