Mark Henry Says Ryback Should Apologize To The Wrestling Industry, Ryback Responds

Mark Henry took offense to Ryback’s recent comments saying that title belts are only props. Henry is also saying that many of his peers considered Ryback unsafe to work with in the ring.

“A lot of his peers looked at him as difficult, a lot of his peers looked at him as dangerous,” Mark Henry said on the show.

Henry also took offense to previous comments Ryback had made about wrestling titles being “props.”

“The championship is the championship, it’s not a prop and he’s wrong,” Henry continued. “I’ve been a world champion in 3 sports and I consider pro-wrestling one of those.”

“Ryback can’t take away what I achieved.”

“You are wrong. Every wrestler that sees your face should walk up to you and say ‘hey, you’re an asshole.’ And I hope you know how to fight for real because you know and I know, there’s a lot of people that would whoop your ass.”

“You owe the wrestling industry an apology. If you don’t, I think that pro-wrestlers all over the world should never give you respect.”

Ryback Responds To Mark Henry

Ryback has since responded to Mark Henry’s comments with a series of Tweets posted last night.

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