Maki Itoh On Participating In AEW Women’s Tournament, Potentially Joining The Dark Order

In a recent interview with Fightful, Maki Itoh discussed participating in the AEW Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, potentially joining The Dark Order, and much more. Here are some of the highlights:

Maki Itoh on her goals in Tokyo Joshi Pro: “I‘m still in the midst of becoming a true star, so the goal is to have matches that meet the fans’ expectations! I’m in a tag team with Miyu Yamashita right now, so I also want the Princess Tag Championship belts!”

On finding out she was in the AEW Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament: “I heard from the higher-ups in Tokyo Joshi. I took the news quite calmly; it was so abrupt that it didn’t seem real. First things first, I contacted my parents. They were elated, and that is when it finally hit me and made me happy.”

On potentially doing more work for AEW: “Certainly! I’ve been keeping a lot of simps waiting, so I have to do my best so that I get to appear again!”

On if she’s interested in joining The Dark Order: “It sounds interesting, so why not. But PAY ME BITCH!”

On the internet buzz for her in America: “It hasn’t really hit me yet; right now it feels like just the internet is buzzing about Maki Itoh. If we go back to filling venues with crowds, if I get to be there in person, and if the roof blows off when I ask, ‘Who is he cutest in the world?’ and the fans respond with ‘Itoh-chaaaaaaaan!’, then I might cry from joy!”

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