Madman Fulton Recalls Wrestling Brock Lesnar at a Training Camp at 16

Madman Fulton is making waves in Impact Wrestling, but before he was a wrestling star he’d already faced off with none other than Brock Lesnar. Fulton appeared on the Wrestling Is Cool podcast and discussed how he got a chance to face Lesnar one-on-one in an amateur wrestling bout when he won a tournament at a wrestling camp at the age of 16. You can check out highlights and the full audio below:

Madman Fulton on going to the camp being run by Lesnar: “So when I was 16, I wanted to go everywhere that had anything to do with pro wrestling. So I would always try to find camps with Kurt Angle or Lesnar — just pro wresting I could find, just because I wanted to learn their names and learn their stories, and figure out how I could advance. I didn’t really know what to do at 16, no one was really there to guide me on this pro wrestling journey. So I signed up for a heavyweight camp out in Iowa. And I had to drive myself, it was like right after I got my license at 16.

“I drove eight and a half hours, and they had this heavyweight wrestling camp. And then on the last day, they had Brock in to run a practice. Because he was friends — the coach running it was named Brian Keck, who’s an OVW guy. And he and Brock were real tight, so that’s why Brock was doing it.”

On getting the chance to face Lesnar: “So he ran the practice, and they had a tournament. And the winner of the tournament got to wrestle Brock one-on-one. And like, I was not going to let that opportunity slip, you know? Like no way in hell was I going to let that slip. And we had this whole big bracket tournament. One of the people there randomly was Nicolas Cage’s son. Just sticks with me that he was there. Not really important, didn’t do anything, I didn’t wrestle him, but he was there.

“But yeah, I ended up winning the tournament and they let me go and have a match with Brock. And you know, I thought it was going to be a practice thing, kinda him just rolling around. No. Like, he wrestled me. I was 16 and he just — it wasn’t close. But you know, he wrestles that way against every opponent, he doesn’t take it easy if you’re 16 or not. He wasn’t going to get embarrassed if I came out of nowhere and blast doubled him. He’s too good for that.”

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