Madison Rayne Explains Why She Decided To Retire From Impact Wrestling

Over the weekend, Madison Rayne announced at Hard to Kill that she would be retiring from Impact Wrestling after 12 years, stating her desire to go home to be a wife and mother. In an interview with SportsKeeda, she gave more details on why she made the decision to leave now. Here are highlights:

On transitioning to the next stage of her life: “This business… I have given it so many years of my life, but it has given infinitely more back to me. In the sense that, for the first seven years of my daughter’s life, I haven’t been sitting behind a desk, and committed to a structured schedule. And, I spent so much time with her that a lot of parents don’t get in those early years. But, I think it’s time now to pivot, and to… you know, I just graduated from college in December. So, it’s time to put those student loan dollars and that degree to use.”
Even still, she admits that she will have to adjust to life away from IMPACT Wrestling and being in the ‘real world’. It will be uncomfortable, and I think there will be growing pains. I will miss it. I will have to figure out something to do. I will have to pick up – I don’t know – rock climbing, or something to get my adrenaline rush fix.”

On who helped her at the start of her career: “I don’t think, at the time I could wrap my head around it. But I’m so thankful that I had that opportunity. I’m so glad that Angelina and Velvet welcomed me in the way that they did. And, they kind of wrapped their arms around me and they guided me through those first few years of my career. And, it wasn’t just Angelina and Velvet, it was that entire locker room in 2009 and 2010 that really helped me grow in to who Madison Rayne became.”

On thanking the fans: “It’s so simple and (the fans) deserve so much more, but literally all I can say is, thank you,” she emotionally stated. “Because, I have out-lived the ‘expiration date’ that most people place on a female performer. And, I have gotten to see places in the world that I could never have imagined… and done things and met people that, in my wildest dreams, I could never imagine doing. It’s all because the fans kept saying ‘yes’ to Madison Rayne. They kept booing me when they were supposed to boo me, and lifting me up and cheering for me when they were supposed to cheer for me. And without that? I wouldn’t have had the career that I’ve had. I am just forever, forever grateful for all the fans.”

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