Layla Discusses The Origin Of Her Finishers in WWE

Layla recently discussed her signature moves in WWE and how they were developed during a new interview. The WWE alum appeared on Ring the Belle and while discussing her top five moments of her career, she discussed how the Layout and the Face Lift came to be.

“I just got shown the Layout because I was looking for a finisher at the time when I really wasn’t going to ever use a finisher,” she said (courtesy of Fightful). “I think someone said, ‘Layla, use this, it’s kind of easy, you know.’ I felt like everyone could kind of do it. It just felt natural to me. I could always hit it. With finishes, if you can’t hit it twenty times in a row and make it look good and crisp, don’t, don’t do it kind of thing. I think that one just stuck out to me.”

Discussing the Face Lift, she said, “That happened by accident. I never planned it or we never thought that that would be a finisher, but someone, we were just up there practicing and I was like, ‘Hold on, what about this?’ and just felt the move and liked it and I thought it worked. I didn’t get to use it much though, right. I don’t think I used it that much. I wish I would have used it more.”

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