Lacey Evans Says She’s Very Happy After Pregnancy Announcement (Video)

As noted, WWE Superstar Lacey Evans announced her pregnancy on Raw during a tag team match. This is reportedly a legitimate pregnancy that WWE has opted to turn into an onscreen angle. Evans commented on the news in a backstage WWE Network interview.

Lacey Evans stated in the interview clip, “You nasty thing, I said everything I wanted to say out there. Nasties like yourself need to learn how to stay out of people’s business. Just know that I am very happy. *Laughs*” Additionally, after Raw, Evans tweeted, “Life is a wild ride. Wooooooooooo!!!!! #WWERaw.”

Evans also responded to a tweet by Charlotte Flair commenting on her mood after learning the news of Evans’ pregnancy. You can view that exchange and Lacey’s interview clip below.

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