Kurt Angle Praises Paul Heyman As a Creative Mind

The Kurt Angle show has now joined the AdFreeShows family and will be airing every week for free on all major podcasting providers. The debut episode of the show was released early on AdFreeShow’s Patreon page, with Angle discussing his WrestleMania 19 main event match against Brock Lesnar.

During the show, Angle also discussed former SmackDown Head Writer Paul Heyman. The former owner of ECW was instrumental in changing the perception of SmackDown back in the mid-2000s, with many fans dubbing the era the ‘SmackDown Six.’ The Superstars part of the famous, but ‘unofficial’ group were Angle, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Eddie and Chavo Guerrero.

“I think Paul is very talented” Kurt Angle began on the show, describing Heyman as a creative mind. “I think that he comes up with excellent ideas and concepts. You know him coming in [to SmackDown] definitely helped us out. It seemed, like I’ve said before, the writing was more geared towards RAW.

Kurt Angle on Paul Heyman

“When Paul came in we were safe” Angle continued. “Smackdown was taken care of, because he has a great mind for wrestling, for the business. He comes up with some crazy things, but most of the time, they all they work…almost all the time.”

Kurt Angle then finished by saying that his ‘Wrestling Machine’ gimmick from around that time was a Heyman’s brainchild. “Paul is the one that wanted me to change gears and become the ‘wrestling machine.’ And that’s what I did, I backed it up.”

Do you think that we’ll see Paul Heyman in an official creative capacity again? Do you think that Kurt Angle could become an onscreen character again? Let us know in the comments

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