Konnan Discusses MLW Being on Wednesday Night, Thinks Court Bauer Is Doing Great

The Wrestling Inc. Daily recently spoke to Konnan, who spoke on MLW and more. Below are some highlights from WrestlingInc.com.

Konnan on MLW airing on Wednesdays: “MLW moving to Wednesday, now that’s very weird. I would have never jumped in on Wednesday nights. But that might be a decision out of Court Bauer’s hands. I mean, why would you wanna go up against the Big 2?”

Konnan on MLW having its own vibe: “MLW should continue to do what they’re doing [to stand apart]. They have their own vibe and unique style. You’re not gonna reinvent the wheel, wrestling is wrestling. That’s why I’ve always been a big proponent of Lucha because of how different it is. Some people dislike how different it is, there are no tags, not enough selling, but that’s because it’s not American wrestling.”

His thoughts on lucha wrestling in American promotions: “What you see there is Lucha moves within the context of an American match, not actual Lucha wrestling. If I brought in real Luchadores, the viewers would eat them up. During my time in Lucha Underground, I had this exact argument backstage. They wanted Lucha elements in American style, and I was like, ‘Why would you do that?’ Lucha Libre is so unique and original, not everything is about telling a story. When I’m booking in Mexico, sometimes I like to give fans a ‘video game match.’ Just watch, stop thinking about what’s happening.”

Konnan on MLW using Mil Muertes: “That was a very smart move, to go into the Lucha Underground vault and bring some characters from there. Those are things MLW does so well, such as the Opera Cup hosted by Stu Hart. Nobody knew who MJF was, they do now. Another example is Rush, before he went to ROH.

His thoughts on MLW CEO Court Bauer: “Court’s very smart, he’s not trying to run but just wants to take baby steps. He’s doing a great job with the storylines, discovering talents and developing them. He’s also very aware of the Mexican fans and is catering to them. He’s done a great job at MLW.”

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