Kip Sabian Says Tonight’s Wedding With Penelope Ford Is A ‘Legitimate Wedding’

In an interview with TV Insider, Kip Sabian said that his wedding with Penelope Ford on tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite will be a legitimate wedding. Here are highlights:

On how the two were paired on AEW TV: “I think it was pitched to us. Everyday life is so easy together that transferring it onscreen is second nature. And I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just Penelope who’s my manager, because she’s one of the best female wrestlers around. I wanted to make sure the job she’s doing for me as my valet or manager I’m doing for her.”

On Miro getting added to the group: “The character you guys see is exactly what Miro is like in real life. He is just a loving, genuine human being. He is big into video games and Twitch streaming and the gaming culture. That is a huge part of my life. We bonded straightaway. As soon as we started doing stuff together, it was so natural. You think someone who came in with name value would be a lot more selfish than Miro is. Miro is so giving and wants to make sure all of us shine. We feel the same way.”

On if they’re actually getting married: “We’re getting legitimately married. I obviously wanted my parents to be there, but they understand the situation. They’ll be able to watch from home. We could get married in our house and be just as happy. We’re people who just want to be married. Down the line, once COVID is hopefully eradicated and things are OK, we’ll have a celebration, party, housewarming combined where all our families can be there.”

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