Kevin Owens Says Roman Reigns Hasn’t Earned a Win Against Him Yet, Vows to Keep Fighting

Kevin Owens is set to face Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble, and explained why he is still fighting in a new video posted online. You can see the clip below, in which Owens says Reigns will have to beat him one-on-one for him to leave Reigns alone. He told the Universal Champion, “You have yet to beat me, like the champion you claim to be” and said that Reigns’ family earned those wins, not Reigns himself.

Owens also talks about his tattoos and two of them are for his grandfathers, who he says were his biggest fans. Owens said he regrets not making it to WWE before they both passed and noted that they both fought and refused to quit against the illnesses that they eventually succumbed to, which is why he won’t stop fighting and won’t stay away. He concluded that it’s “why, come Royal Rumble, I’ll be the last man standing.”

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