Kenny Omega Reacts To WWE Using Golf Cart Spot, Sends Message To ‘Weird WWE Stans’

During last night’s Royal Rumble PPV, Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens fought backstage during their Last Man Standing match, which eventually saw Reigns hit Owens while driving a golf cart. This drew some comparisons to AEW, who used golf carts in two of their matches last year. Kenny Omega, who got to ride passenger when Matt Hardy hit Sammy Guevara with one, didn’t seem to mind.

He wrote: “Guys, I know. They did it well so props to all involved.

A fan pointed out that AEW was not the first to use a golf cart in a match, noting that Jerry Lawler and Eddie Gilbert did it 35 years ago. Omega said there was “no topping that one.”

Sometime in between those two tweets, Omega sent a message to WWE fans who seem to want to agitate him or bash AEW on Twitter.

He wrote: “Word of advice to all you weird WWE stans. If you’re trying to piss me off, tweet something controversial about a video game I like. I don’t care much about wresting opinions. Those are yours. Have them.

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