Kenny Omega On Partnership With Impact Wrestling

AEW star Kenny Omega surprised everyone when he associated himself with Impact Wrestling‘s Don Callis few weeks back and since then, this relationship has extended into a full blown partnership between the two promotions.

During a recent interview with TVInsider, the current AEW Champion talked about things like their struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic and more.

When asked how it has been working with Impact Wrestling, Omega claimed that it’s exciting that they have blown the doors opens for many new potential opponents:

“I went to Impact, AAA and back to AEW, so I have been able to see three different rosters—all incredibly talented, regardless of what fans say is the best. As a performer, I’d love to work with each and every one of them.

It’s exciting that we’ve blown the doors wide open and there are all these potential opponents.” said Kenny Omega, “I just hope as we present these new matches, the fans enjoy watching them as [much as] we enjoy performing them.”

The former IWGP World Champion also talked about his partnership with Callis and said that for a long time he thought Don was one of the most psychologically gifted professional wrestlers.

According to Omega, for him joining forces with the Impact official meant that they weren’t going to take failure as an answer.

You can check out his full interview at TV Insider.

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