Kenny Omega: AEW-NJPW Relationship “Not A Full Talent Exchange”

Kenny Omega recently clarified that AEW‘s agreement with NJPW is not a full-blown talent exchange. He spoke with Talk Sport recently about what fans can expect from the agreement reached between the two promotions.

“So you talk about the ‘forbidden door’ and people talk about it being open. It’s been ‘kicked open!’ or ‘blown open!’ Do I look at it as this gigantic door in the distance… I feel like it’s opened a crack and there’s this heavenly light shining through,” Omega said.

Omega then clarified that a few wrestlers will go from one promotion to the other but it won’t be a full talent exchange.

“A couple things slip through the cracks, you know what I mean? You might get a guy here or there sneaking in from one side to another, but it’s not going to be a full talent exchange where it’s a free-for-all going both ways.”

He continued to say that the agreement is hampered by international travel restrictions.

“It’s more the traveling restrictions and the things that make traveling between countries difficult is actually what is hurting us. But, in the same way, it helped this whole thing become a possibility because now we’ve been able to take a step back and take a look at the world we’ve realized there’s something a lot bigger than company pride or competing with everyone else around you trying to make yourself the number one brand.”

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In response to a fan question on Twitter, Omega also recently stated that he believes Brock Lesnar is one of the best performers in history.

The full interview with Kenny Omega is here.

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