Kenny King Explains Why He Re-Signed With Ring of Honor

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Kenny King spoke about why he made the decision to sign a new contract with Ring of Honor earlier this month. Here are highlights:

On being a veteran in ROH: “It’s kind of surreal because I blinked, and in November of this year, it’ll be 20 years since I stepped in a wrestling ring. I don’t even know when it happened. I still feel like that guy who’s out there on the indies scrapping, even though I don’t want to be on the indies scrapping, but I still feel like I got that heart. I still feel like I got that desire, but it changes it. It’s my responsibility I feel. The same way that when I first got to Ring of Honor, there were guys like Bryan (Daniel Bryan), and Nigel [McGuinness] and Roddy (Roderick Strong) that took me under their wing and kind of just tried to get the most out of me as a pro wrestler. I feel like it’s my responsibility to do the same for the guys that come through [and] the guys that I see potential in. Everybody that gets is supposed to give back.

On deciding to stay with the company: “It isn’t as though I didn’t have to really think about it because there was interest talking in a few different places, but when it really came down to it, just talking with with Dragon [Lee] and talking with RUSH and just trying to get a feel for what everybody wanted to do. And we just felt that we got a lot of meat left on this Ingobernable bone. There’s a whole lot that we haven’t shown the fans, and there’s a whole lot more success that can be had. So it was just one of those things where we decided to keep the band together, and I think that we do have the opportunity to be one of the most successful groups of all time in Ring of Honor. I think that was really the motivating factors that there’s still some more to do as a group.”

On winning the Honor Rumble at MSG: “That’s the word ‘surreal,’ especially because of how everything is shut down. When everything is shut down, you kind of go back to your memories, and I see pictures of it all the time. And I see, you know, myself getting sprayed in the face by a very ungracious, not-so-Great Muta. It causes retinal damage, and all I was trying to do shake his hand because it was a good fight! But to be able to stand in the middle of Madison Square Garden in the same ring as Jushin Thunder Liger [and] the Great Muta and get my hand raised, it’s just up there. I think that when you’re done doing this two things that you’ll have fixed in is you’ll always remember the time with the boys. That’s kind of one of the major underlying thing in anybody’s wrestling career. You don’t remember the matches but remember the boys, and I think that if you’re lucky enough, you create moments that you can hang your hat on and you can always just be proud of. And I think that’s the mark of a successful career. That’s one of mine for sure.”

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