Josh Mathews on Learning From Vince McMahon & Kevin Dunn, His Goals in Impact

Josh Mathews has moved from commentary to producer in Impact Wrestling, and he discussed the move and learning from Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn in a new interview. Mathews spoke with Sports Illustrated for a new interview promoting the new Impact Wrestling pre-show Before the Impact, and you can check out highlights below:

On the format of Before the Impact: “I’m a huge College Game Day fan on Saturday mornings, so if you like that style, then this is certainly something that is going to be appealing. We’re going to really dig deep into the upcoming matches and look at what is happening each week in Impact.”

On moving to the role of a producer: “Commentary is the reason I first came to Impact. I still have a passion for calling wrestling, but I really think the most impactful place for me to be for the company is in the truck. When [former producer] Keith Mitchell left Impact [in 2019], we fell off. As the announcer, I had a different view of our production, which led me to the belief that my role should be in that production chair. I want to make sure we have the best production possible, so people know the standard they are going to watch every single time they watch Impact.”

On learning his production from his WWE days: “I’ve pushed for over a year to make this change. I learned so much from my time in WWE from Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon, and I was pseudo-producing shows back then. Producing a live show is a real thrill, and I came alive in the truck when producing Countdown to Bound for Glory last October. Switching out of the truck and then going to call the show, it was different. I’m ready to oversee the whole presentation, which is a transition I’ve been pushing for. For me, it is even more meaningful that I was able to finish my broadcasting career calling shows with my wife Madison Rayne. Now I get to also focus on this new show, Before The Impact, as well as focus my attention in the truck.”

On his goals as a producer and Before the Impact talent: “There is so much I want to achieve in this role for Impact. We are beginning to reach a lot of goals we set, and there is still so much more for us to accomplish. Yes, there is the crossover with AEW and Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers, but I also hope people are taking notice of this Susan character, the X Division, as well as Matt Cardona and Brian Myers jabbing one another—and how Eddie Edwards is getting involved in that, and the Knockouts division with Deonna Purrazzo and everything else we have going on.

“There are so many stars in Impact. I hope people continue to enjoy our show every Tuesday, and now you also have the opportunity to dig deeper each week with Before The Impact.”

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