Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston Explain AEW Revolution Explosion Dud

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston addressed the final explosion during their explosive barbed wire deathmatch on AEW Revolution that ended up being a dud on Dynamite this week. While the final explosion proved to be a let-down because of a technical glitch, the two credited it to inferior workmanship by Kenny Omega.

Eddie Kingston said that he was expecting a big explosion and revealed why he came out to protect Kenny Omega. He revealed that the reason he stayed down was because the explosions triggered an anxiety attack in him. Kingston bought up his time he spent sitting in a jail cell getting ready for court where guards told him he was going to be shipped off to Rikers Island, which triggered an attack in him for the first time.

“And everything went black. That’s what happened. Go ahead, make fun of it. Call me a coward, less of a man. I’m not speaking for you and I’m not speaking to you. I’m speaking to those that understand where I’m coming from,” Kingston said, explaining his selling of the weak explosion.

Eddie Kingston then asked Kenny Omega if he thought it was funny playing a prank like that on them. Jon Moxley told Kingston that he believes that Omega was legitimately trying to blow them up, he didn’t really plan a weak explosion to scare them. The two then jokes that Impact Wrestling paid for the bomb.

Jon Moxley also equated Kenny Omega to being Wile E. Coyote. “Let me ask you a question, when that bomb came in the mail did it come in a box with big, bold letters that said ‘ACME’ on it? I’ve made more explosive volcanoes in fourth-grade science class, what the hell was that?”

AEW President Tony Khan also addressed the botched explosion during the media scrum post-Revolution.

“Honestly, I’m glad neither guy came out with a serious injury because it was a really scary match and they both really put their health at risk for a huge PPV main event,” Khan said. “I think it was awesome, it was a great spectacle and I think we’re all lucky that the bomb going off in the end didn’t really hurt anybody, that Kenny’s big masterplan, that he built a dud.”

“The basic explanation is that Kenny’s ring set to explode, his plan as a heel who built this thing with a hammer and nails as we saw, that the final bomb just didn’t go off,” Khan concluded.

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