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We are tuning in for a historic event in TNA/IMPACT history, with Sackerfice. A lot has changed since the initial Sacrifice event in 2005, and even since the latest of its kind last year. The event was headlined by Tessa Blanchard and Ace Austin, and one year later we are looking at IMPACT Champion Rich Swann against TNA World Champion, Moose. Not to mention the winner will fight Kenny Omega. IMPACT is such a crazy ride even now, with the endless unpredictability of who’s going to show up and who’s leaving. Of course, each departure is a SACRIFICE for the inevitable arrival of something spectacular. That sounds like something Matt Striker will say tonight. My ramblings aside, tonight is a top-heavy card with the Title Unification match, Inter-promotional Tag Team Title match between FinJuice and The Good Brothers, and an X-Division banger featuring Ace Austin and Champ, TJP. In total, there are six titles on the line tonight. That’s a lot of belts and the numbers don’t lie. And they spell disaster… alright I’m done.

Already getting an error on the stream unfortunately.

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