John Morrison Comments On Speculation That He Botched Dive on Raw

John Morrison is shooting down speculation that his dive on Raw was a botched move. As previously reported, Morrison appeared to have hurt his knee after going over the top for a dive onto Riddle and was moving slowly when he came back out with the Miz later in the night. That led to some people online speculating that Morrison botched the move, as when he leapt over the rope he landed on it with his right leg and spun into Riddle.

Morrison has posted a video to Twitter noting that he’s been working on this dive to look exactly how it did, writing:

I saw stuff online about me botching a dive Monday- the landing didn’t go as I pictured but the dive was pretty close to exactly what I’ve been working on. as soon as you eliminate the human idea that you need to jump off ur feet to springboard a world of possibilities opens up”

Morrison didn’t say whether he was injured or not in the post, and it’s unconfirmed as to his potential injury status (or lack thereof) is.

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